Scheduling Policy

  • Precious Cargo does not accept changes or cancellations from passengers. Parents/legal guardians are responsible for contacting Precious Cargo when a scheduled ride needs to be changed or cancelled.
  • Notice of a change or cancellation should be phoned into the Precious Cargo office 24hrs in advance.
  • Changes and cancellations made within 2 hours of scheduled pickup time are subject to an additional service charge.
  • Changes to your original schedule are subject to seat availability and may result in an additional service charge.
  • Contact the route coordinator for all same day changes and cancellations. Do not email same day changes and cancellations.
  • Do not give changes or cancellations to Precious Cargo drivers. Drivers are not permitted to accept changes or cancellations nor will they be held responsible for making changes to a passenger’s schedule or route.

Passenger Safety & Behavior Policy

  • Passengers must wear seat belts at all times.
  • Passengers will remain seated while the van is moving. Passengers should not board or depart from the vehicle until the vehicle has come to a complete stop. 
  • All passengers will obey the driver during pick up, transport, and delivery. The driver may assign seats, if necessary.
  • No throwing objects inside or outside of the van. 
  • No hanging in or out of the windows. Hands, arms and heads must stay inside the van at all times.
  • Passengers should not destroy van property or the property of other passengers. Parents are liable for damage caused by their child to the property of others, including Precious Cargo vehicles.
  • All passengers must be courteous.  No inappropriate language. Name-calling or loud, profane, or obscene language will not be permitted. (Including parents)
  • No inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. (Including parents)
  • No horseplay or bullying will be tolerated.  
  • No fighting, arguing or physical contact between passengers will be tolerated.
  • No gum. No eating or drinking in the van.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
Precious Cargo reserves the right to terminate or suspend service for passengers who do not adhere to our safety and behavior policy

Inclement Weather Policy

We will not operate during inclement weather and will follow the Durham Public School System decisions for closings and delays.

Lost & Found

We will make every effort to return lost items to the owner, but Precious Cargo Child is not liable for any missing or damaged items left on our vehicles.

Termination of Services

To terminate services, two week written notice is required and a prorated refund of the remaining unused days will be issued. No refunds with less than two weeks notice.